Learn How PwC Is Advancing Worker Wellbeing

Many companies concerned about the future of work focus on the massive disruption of jobs, skills, and workforce demographics. All of this is important, but Cecilia Tse, Well-Being Strategy Leader at PwC, is starting with making worker wellbeing a priority in 2020! Learn how PwC, defines worker wellbeing as holistic: including assisting employees with their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, and then identifying specific habits to inculcate wellbeing into the culture and fabric of individuals, teams, and the organization.

Winning on the Home Front – Open Talent Market Case Study

In today’s new world for work, the need for speed, agility, and new ways of working is changing how employees navigate their careers. Andrew will share the drivers for the creation of the Open Talent Market, an internal talent mobility platform powered by artificial intelligence. The Open Talent Market seamlessly matches internal talent with opportunities at Schneider Electric, ranging from part time projects, to stretch assignments, to full time jobs. Learn the business impact of connecting the right candidates with the right opportunities.